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The Full Story

Melissa D'Agostino founded Igneous Solutions in 2019 as a solution to common (and solvable!) operational challenges, such as:

  • Overworked and underperforming functional teams (recipe for high turnover!) thanks to ineffective operating systems;

  • Core operating procedures that yield error-ridden outcomes (hi, payroll!), leading to employee dissatisfaction and contention among functional teams;

  • Organizations facing consequences (audit findings, fines, revenue loss) and not understanding the root causes;

  • Team members playing the game of telephone when learning new information and/or onboarding new team members.

Shades of White Stone

Our Philosophy

Operations Eats Strategy for Breakfast

You've probably heard that culture eats strategy, but did you know the same is true of operations? In the absence of an aligned operating plan and accompanying systems and structures, an organizational strategy is purely aspirational. Igneous Solutions can help an organization right-size and align operations with organizational strategy, paving the way for organizational success.

Don't Just Get in the Weeds - Get to the Roots

Often leadership is many layers removed from the details of the work. Details almost always need to be understood in order to diagnose operational problems and, more importantly, the root causes. Igneous Solutions can dig deep into the details and unearth root causes to operational challenges. 

About the Founder

Melissa D'Agostino has over 20 years of strategy and operations experience across the private and nonprofit sectors, with a significant focus on the education sector.

Melissa holds an MBA from Columbia University, a Master of Science in Education from City College of New York and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Wesleyan University. She currently resides in Montclair, NJ with her husband, daughter, and Boston Terrier.

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